Debug: Invalid feed construct feedTitle (title)

Validation errors are generally caused when
data that is required by a feed format was not available to add to this feed. If an error occurred while generating the feed XML, the details will be provided below in the Input Data column.

For help with, including enabling/disabling validation when outputting a feed
see the Php FeedWriter Documentation.

The validator or XML generation process failed at the following construct(s) due to invalid or missing feed data:

Output format: RSS 2.0

View Online Version of the RSS 2.0 Construct Documentation
for more information about this construct and feed format.

Documenation Common name Element name Parent construct Min occurances Max occurances Character limit Data type Example Attributes Input Data
__construct() feedTitle title  feedChannel  1 (required)    string  Php FeedWriter Sample Feed     

Additional Help for:

Note: This “debug” item is displayed because debug mode is currently enabled, to assist with configuration of the feed for output in varous formats. It is recommended that debug mode be
disabled prior to making the feed available on the internet.

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